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Dale photographs products of all kind, including ceramics, jewelry, glass, wood carving, leatherwork, metals, food and sculpture, and promotional shots of crafters in action in the greater El Paso, Texas area, all of New Mexico, eastern Arizona and far west Texas.


Dale loves to make good photographs of products, especially those that are hand-made.

While he tries to make the final images attractive and eye-catching, the main emphasis is always on the object.

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Photographing ceramics is more than just getting the basic shape and color. Good pottery has tactile features as well, and often an emotional sense, both of which must be conveyed in a photograph as well.


Good food photography goes beyond the surface and makes us want to taste it. Wine which looks like motor oil and cheese which looks like plastic don't do the job. Dale does, but don't be surprised if he likes to play with his food, too.


Glass is considered one of the more difficult things to photograph well. Dale loves glass, and loves photographing it. He learned to photograph tabletops working with glass, and still enjoys it.


Jewelry combines two of the hardest things to photograph, smooth metals and shiny materials, and still has to look stunning to get the buyer to want it. Dale's craft background makes him work to get it looking its best.


Shiny metals are considered one of the harder things to photograph, but don't discount the problems of being in a foundry with molten metals, either. Good photographs of one of the most important materials in our world help those who work with them find a market for their labors.


There are many products which don't fit easily into the other categories. That doesn't mean that they can't make beautiful images.


Sculpture of all kinds present special problems, since the trick is to show the original work favorably while doing as little as possible to make the image anything more than the artists has already put into the work.

Still LIfes

Crafters need still lifes to give an overview of what they do, open fliers and websites, and set the tone. They serve the same purposes in editorial spreads.


Getting great photographs of buildings isn't as easy as it looks. Sometimes the best shot is from the middle of a pond (while the boat is sinking) or from the top of a farm's silo.

Dale has photographed million dollar properties for realtors, including those owned by the inventor of medical ultrasound and one formerly belonging to John Lennon. And even if you "merely" designed a great building, why not get a great image of it?