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Dale Taylor Photography

         Dale Taylor gets bored easily. Trained as a musician and musicologist to perform early music on period instruments, he has also worked as a hand shoe and harnessmaker at Colonial Williamsburg, computer programmer, manager, musical instrument builder and repairman, blacksmith, writer and run a free-lance photography business and studio.

        When he wrote an article for Early Ameican Life and found out that the photographers got paid better, he bought some equipment and books and began teaching himself. Since the books said glass and metals were among the hardest things to shoot, he tackled them first, and still enjoys the challenges they provide.

       This resulted in many adventures ranging from photographing President Bush (Sr.) in the White House during Desert Storm to standing ten feet inside a hot air balloon while a 12,000,000 BTU propane torch was fired under his arm (if that's what it takes to get the balloon up for a picture....) to trying to take photos from the middle of a lake while the boat he was working from was (not too slowly) filling with water. His work has appeared in books, magazines, newspapers and advertising. He has taught photography for the College of William and Mary. Dale's coffee-table photo book A Personal Williamsburg is expected out next year.

        He left photography as digital was introduced, but recently moved back into it, opening a general studio in El Paso, TX. He has a portable operation which enables him to come to the client. And, as you can see from his headshot, there is a reason he stays behind the camera.